Client Segments

Client Segments

PR/Advertising/Digital Marketing Agencies

High quality content is a key differentiator and a core element of any Marketing Strategy. PR/Advertising/Digital Marketing firms constantly grapple with the challenge of developing original and specialized content for their clientele. Scrollific partners with these firms in providing content solutions focused on the Food, Travel and Hospitality sectors, bringing subject matter expertise to the table.

Hotels and Restaurants

From curating menus to writing accurate descriptions to order from, to writing about the enchanting background of a restaurant and cuisine for patrons to keep occupied with as they wait for their food to arrive, we do it all.  We also produce aesthetic videos that capture the essence of a restaurant—be it in terms of its quirky presentation, idyllic property, or classy ambience. Our series of professionally made short videos (vignettes) can be used to promote the hotel or restaurant on social media.

Food retailers and manufacturers

We work with food retailers and manufacturers as a team to put design products and segments on the basis of solid research on food trends and competitor and target audience surveys. Our experience in this field has given us the advantage of closely understanding the end user, and we are thus able to design products and product strategies that really make a difference to the buyer.

Travel and Tourism

An overdose of easily available travel-related information coupled with intense competition makes high quality and visually compelling content a must for any entity in the business of Travel and Tourism. We not only create high quality content for standalone travel businesses but can also focus on the Food & Drink attractions of a destination through well-researched content, inviting photographs and promotional videos.

  • Tour Operators /Travel agents

The Tour Operator/Travel agent business today is intensely competitive and is a mix of both traditional and online players. These players jostle amongst themselves to meet the evolving needs of a traveler. Today’s traveler, more than ever, wants to know all about the destination—not just its people, culture, heritage, weather, landscape, and cuisine, but also its hidden gems and lesser known stories. While all of these can be found through disparate sources, an operator/agent who is able to embed this content in his offering and update it constantly would find favor with the travelers.

  • Tourism Boards

Thanks to the Incredible India! movement, tourism boards of all states in India have had to up their game. Thanks to these, tourism is going beyond the conventional popular destinations of Goa, Rajasthan and Kerala. Every state board is doing a hard sell to attract both global and domestic tourists. However, this is not a onetime activity and like any other marketing strategy, there is a need for constant innovation. We step in to support these boards in this endeavor, by working on new themes and supporting their content strategies.


Everyone attached to the Food and Hospitality industry needs visibility, and publishing (traditional and online) offers a large playground.  Scrollific works with food portals and communities, blogs and websites of equipment manufacturers and food retailers, lifestyle magazines, and newspapers to write promotional content specializing in food and hospitality, and even does ghost-writing for ebooks/coffee table books and cookbooks.

Food celebrities

As a busy food celebrity, you need to constantly up your ante by doing something different—except, you don’t always have the time to do it! Scrollific steps in to work with chefs, food writers, TV celebrities, and bloggers, who need ghost-writing services, and helps research recipes, put together cookbooks, and basically do the groundwork for you.