Product strategy

  • Product development for food manufacturers

With extensive experience in the food consultancy space, we will work with you to design new products for your range—an unusual combination of jam, a diabetic-friendly cracker, or a cereal range made using local ingredients. We’ll test the product in detail and hand the final recipe over to you for production.

  • Food retail consultancy

Work with us to follow global food trends, dietary requirements and more. We’ll study your competition and help you achieve that edge by recommending products that make you a customer favorite.

Menu development

  • Cuisine

Introduce a new cuisine or curate a seasonal menu for your restaurant or catering business. Allow us to do the groundwork—we’ll study the conditions and recommend a menu that works from an authenticity, innovativeness, and practicality perspective and share professionally documented recipes, mis-en-place strategies, and provide training to your kitchen and service teams.

  • Diet-specific menus

Vegan? Gluten-free? Paleo? Diabetic-friendly? We’ve got solutions for exciting meal options under each category across all cuisines.

  • Food festivals for Hotels

We work with your marketing team and curate food festivals on several themes to draw people into your restaurants.

Workshops and Demonstrations

  • Be it a product demonstration for a kitchen equipment brand or ready-to-use condiment, or a hands-on culinary training session for your company’s team building exercise, or simply a fun baking workshop for your kitty party, we love spreading the love for food and cooking. The best thing is, our experienced and friendly instructors will make it look like a fun Bohemian party and you will still receive professional training at the end of the day! We also curate immersion experiences in regional cuisines in partnership with Travel and Tourism brands.